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400-051 Exam version description

Cisco (400-051) exams verifies that candidates have the skills to plan, design, implement, operate, and troubleshoot enterprise collaboration and communication network failures.

Cisco 400-051 Dumps.The Evolving Technologies section is included only in the written examination. This will enable candidates to combine their core technical expertise with evolving technologies that are accelerating adoption, such as the cloud, the Internet of things, and network programmability.

DomainWritten Exam (%) Lab Exam (%)
1.0 Protocols and APIs 12% 12%
2.0 Infrastructure and Quality of Services 10% 11%
3.0 Call Control and Dial plan20%24%
4.0 Endpoints, User Management, and Mobility 10% 10%
5.0 Edge Services 16% 18%
6.0 Media Resources, Meetings, and Call Recording 12% 12%
7.0 Collaboration Applications 10% 13%
8.0 Evolving Technologies v1.1

CCIE Collaboration certification exam topics V1.0 and V2.0 comparison

CCIE Collaboration v1.0
Written Exam
Lab Exam
1. Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure
1. Configure and troubleshoot the Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure
2. Telephone standards and protocols 2. Configure and troubleshoot Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)
3. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) 3.Configure and Troubleshoot Cisco IOS UC Apppcations and Functional Failurs
4. Cisco IOS UC Apppcations and Features 4.Configure and resolve QoS and security issues in Cisco Collaboration solutios
5. Service and Security Backups in Cisco Collaboration Solutions 5.Configure and troubleshoot the failure of Cisco Unity connection
6. Cisco Unity Connection 6.Configure and exclude Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)
7. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 7.Configure and troubleshoot Cisco Unified IM presence Failures
8. Cisco Unified Instant Messaging and Status
9. Evolving technology

CCIE Collaboration v2.0

Written Exam

Lab Exam
1. Protocols and APIs 12 12
2. Quality of infrastructure and services 10 11
3. Call control and dialing plan 20 24
4. Endpoint, user management and mobility 10 10
5. Edge Services 16 18
6. Media resources, meetings and call logs 12 12
7. Collaboration applications 10 13
8. Evolving technology 10 N / A

Changes in CCIE Collaboration v2.0

The exam introduced new products and solutions such as the Cisco Highway Series, Cisco Conferencing Server, Cisco Spark Hybrid Services, Cisco Unified Communications Mobile and remote access, and Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) 1000V, as well as the addition of newly tested topics, such as APIs, To ensure that 400-051 ccie collaboration dumps certified engineers have sufficient knowledge and skills to meet the changing needs of our customers in today’s collaborative environment.

The main exam content added in version 2.0:

  • Collaboration APIs
  • Cisco Expressway Dialing Plan
  • Cisco Unified Communications Mobile and remote access
  • Cisco Spark Hybrid Services
  • Single Sign-on Temporary meetings and meeting meetings on the Cisco Conference Server

Format changes for version 2.0 of the CCIE collaboration exam

Written Exam

CCIE Collaboration certification written test code (400-051) remains unchanged and will continue to include new technology topics (Evolving Technologies), covering three main elements: ccie collaboration written dumps pdf.Network programming, Cloud and the Internet of things, to encourage and ensure the conceptual understanding of evolving new technologies by Cisco Certified Experts, And be able to discuss with business managers how the new technology sector will drive the business results of a global enterprise.

Lab Exam ((This format is only available for exams booked after June 5, 2018 and June 5, 2018))

Cisco CCIE Collaboration Exam 2.0 will use the unified version of the examination, combined with the written test and experimental examination, and clarify the examination subject of each test, as well as the weight of each test subject.

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Thе 400-051 еxаm iѕ part оf thе new CCIE Collaboration certification.

400-051 – CCIE Collaboration

This exam measures your ability and skills related to bridge the core technology expertise with knowledge of the evolving technologies that are being adopted at an accelerated pace, such as cloud, IoT, and network programmability.

The CCIE Collaboration Written exam validates an engineer’s ability to deploy collaboration systems and services that increase user productivity, improve the customer experience and provide a seamless user experience.

The Cisco Collaboration Written Exam 400-051 dumps validates that candidates have the skills to plan, design, implement, operate, and troubleshoot enterprise collaboration and communication networks.

Cisco 400-051 Questions and Answers Study Guide

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