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Question 1:

If an application has 10 fields, and a data import file contains values for 12 fields, what will happen with the remaining 2 columns of data when a Data Import is performed?

A. New fields will automatically be created to accommodate the two remaining columns of data

B. The extra data will be imported into a text file that can later be attached to records in Archer

C. The remaining two columns of data are ignored and not imported into Archer

D. The data in the two extra fields are merged into a single field in Archer.

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

Which Data-Driven Event could be used to conditionally require a field?

A. Apply conditional layout

B. Filter values list

C. Set values list

D. Set conditional requirement

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

Within RSA Archer, data is restored in the following nested sequence of items:

A. Solution> Application>Record>Field

B. Workspace>Dashboard>iView>Report

C. User Account> Workspace>Solution> Application

D. Access role> Group> User Account>User

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

On which page can an administrator enable an option that will allow end users to make their own personal dashboards?

A. Manage Security Parameters

B. Manage iViews

C. Manage Workspaces

D. Manage Dashboards

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

When building an application, why might you use a tab set?

A. To group related fields using custom HTML code

B. To better organize History Log data

C. To group related fields for administrative purposes only

D. To group related fields into logical arrangements

Correct Answer: C

Question 6:

If a group is associated with an access role and the group contains sub-groups, how will the associated access role affect the sub-groups

A. The sub-groups will be associated with the access role

B. The sub-groups will not be associated with the access role

C. The sub-groups will be inactivated

D. The sub-groups will be removed from the group

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

What is the primary goal of Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plans?

A. To ensure that employees have a documented escape plan, should a disaster occur

B. To ensure that all relevant industry regulations are accounted for in the organization\’s business plan

C. To ensure that testing of plans is done at least annually in order to satisfy auditors

D. To ensure that if a crisis were to occur, critical business functions would continue to operate or would be recovered to an operational state within an acceptable amount of time

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

What is the first step in addressing the issue of Regulatory Compliance?

A. Identifying owners for regulation-related controls

B. Clearly and consistently documenting corporate policies, including mapping those policies to industry regulations

C. Implementing a policy lifecycle maintenance process

D. Testing corporate controls to identify current gaps in compliance

Correct Answer: B

Question 9:

If an RSA Archer user cannot see an application that does not exist within the system, what should the administrator check first?

A. The administrator should verify the user has been assigned a role that grants access to the application

B. The administrator should verify the user has been granted access rights to Private fields within the application

C. The administrator should confirm the user is named within a Record Permission field within the application

D. The administrator should verify the user belongs to at least one group

Correct Answer: A

Question 10:

Where can the statistical grouping settings in an advanced search be updated?

A. From the Advanced Search and Search Results pages

B. From the Search Results pages

C. From the Advanced Search page

D. Statistical grouping settings cannot be updated after initial creation

Correct Answer: B

Question 11:

A Business Owner that needs visibility into changes made to Archer records on a daily basis would best be served by:

A. a Subscription Notification sent as a monthly digest

B. a Subscription Notification sent as a daily digest

C. a Manual process where a user runs a report every 30 days and attaches it to an email

D. a Subscription Notification sent instantly as records are changed

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

What is the default selection for a global report\’s access when the report is initially saved?

A. Global Report Creator

B. Solution Administrator

C. Everyone

D. There is no default selection for global reports

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

Why are Business Resiliency plans and programs recognized as mission-critical?

A. Business Resiliency programs reduce the risk from exposure to third-party suppliers

B. Policies change too often for Business Process Owners to maintain

C. Business Continuity Plans are the only way to harness risk

D. Organizational revenue and reputation depend on the availability of services, business processes, and technologies.

Correct Answer: D

Question 14:

When importing data using the Data Import feature, which of the following options is a valid file type?

A. Flat, delimited-values data file


C. Microsoft Word


Correct Answer: D

Question 15:

Which of the following Layout Objects might you use to create while space searching in a record?

A. Placeholder

B. Section

C. Custom Object

D. Tab Set

Correct Answer: B