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Question 1:

You can enter and view dates in any valid format in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. You can also enter and view numbers with either the period (full stop) character or comma as the decimal separator. Regardless of the various formats that can be used to enter dates and numbers, the actual values are stored in the database in the _____.

A. UTF8 format

B. ASCII format

C. US7ASCII character set

D. Standard number format

E. Uniform canonical format

Correct Answer: E

Question 2:

Identify three features of Key Flexfields. (Choose three.)

A. Key Flexfields are used as identifiers for entities.

B. The Key Flexfield structure comprises Segments.

C. A Key Flexfield structure consists of multiple code combinations.

D. Key Flexfields appear as a single-space field enclosed in brackets.

E. Each segment of a Key Flexfield usually contains meaningful information.

Correct Answer: ABE

Question 3:

Select four required attributes when defining a Ledger in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose four.)

A. Calendar

B. Currency

C. Legal Entity

D. Business Group

E. Chart of Accounts

F. Accounting Convention

Correct Answer: ABEF

Question 4:

The APPL_TOP directory in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 contains _____.

A. redo log files

B. database files

C. data tablespaces

D. index tablespaces

E. the system tablespace

F. the product directories and files for Oracle Applications

Correct Answer: F

Question 5:

Which business flow is used for activities starting from product purchase to creating and closing service requests?

A. Click to Order

B. Campaign to Order

C. Contract to Renewal

D. Request to Resolution

Correct Answer: D

Question 6:

ABC Corp. has implemented Oracle Manufacturing applications from Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. How is the data in the manufacturing applications partitioned?

A. by Application

B. by Legal Entity

C. by Operating Unit

D. by Business Group

E. by Inventory Organization

Correct Answer: E

Question 7:

What are the three elements involved in submitting a concurrent request? (Choose three.)

A. selecting Operating Unit

B. selecting report language

C. providing completion option

D. defining a submission schedule

E. selecting the request or request set to be submitted

Correct Answer: CDE

Question 8:

Application Security consists of User, Responsibility, and Self-Service Application Security. Select three authorizations to which a responsibility allows access. (Choose three.)

A. Ledger

B. Legal Entity

C. Business Groups

D. a specific application or applications

E. a restricted list of windows, functions, and reports

Correct Answer: ADE

Question 9:

Identify two features related to parameters in a Daily Business Intelligence report. (Choose two.)

A. Parameters are based on responsibilities.

B. Each page in a report contains common parameters.

C. Parameters can be defined for individual regions of a report.

D. Multiple primary dimension parameters can be associated with a page in a report.

E. The primary dimension parameter is different for each page in a Daily Business Intelligence report.

Correct Answer: BE

Question 10:

Which two statements are true regarding partitioning of data by an application? (Choose two.)

A. General Ledger is partitioned by Ledgers.

B. Accounts Payable is partitioned by Ledgers.

C. Fixed Assets are partitioned by Operating Unit.

D. Accounts Receivable is partitioned by Operating Unit.

E. Order Management is partitioned by Inventory Organization.

Correct Answer: AD

Question 11:

Identify three features of Multi-Org. (Choose three.)

A. The data can be logically partitioned.

B. Users can be assigned to specific organizations.

C. It defines organizations and the relationships between them.

D. Multiple installations of Oracle Applications products are needed.

E. It enables at most two business units to use a single installation of Oracle Applications.

Correct Answer: ABC

Question 12:

Identify four components of the Fusion Business Intelligence Embedded Dashboard. (Choose four.)

A. real-time chat link

B. multiple currencies

C. flexible time periods

D. multiple data widgets

E. Web conferencing link

F. Key Performance Indicators

Correct Answer: BCDF

Question 13:

Identify three Fusion Business Intelligence products for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose three.)

A. Oracle CRM Analytics

B. Oracle Sales Analytics

C. Oracle Treasury Analytics

D. Oracle Financial Analytics

E. Oracle Commodity Analytics

F. Oracle Supply Chain Analytics

Correct Answer: BDF

Question 14:

Which two statements are true about the features of Daily Business Intelligence? (Choose two.)

A. Key Performance Indicators cannot be disabled.

B. The data that has changed since the last refresh is updated.

C. Parameters regulate user access to content and functionality.

D. Incremental refresh capabilities of Oracle Database are leveraged.

Correct Answer: BD

Question 15:

Identify three features of a Value Set. (Choose three.)

A. Value Sets are mandatory.

B. Value Sets must contain a list of values.

C. Value Sets control the values for many report parameters.

D. The same Value Set can be shared between different Flexfields.

E. A Value Set is a definition of the values approved for entry by a particular Flexfield Segment.

Correct Answer: CDE

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