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Question 1:

How long are local system log entries kept available in SM21?

A. Until the next system restart

B. Until the entry is overwritten (circular file)

C. Until the name of the system log file is changed manually

D. Until the records are replicated to the central system log (usually after one hour)

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

How can you switch to the debugging mode?

A. Enter /h in the command field

B. Enter /debug in the command field

C. Enter /debugging in the command field

D. Choose Help ? Debugging

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

What can you do with Data Dictionary? (Choose two)

A. Maintain database tables and views from within R/3 and transfer the changes automatically to the underlying database.

B. Create or modify an index of a database table (for example, to speed up the performance of an ABAP program).

C. Lock a database table against any change by an ABAP program.

D. Define ABAP coding.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 4:

How can you use your customer\’s system data for an SAP Note Search? (Choose three)

A. Add the customer\’s system ID to the search terms.

B. Copy and paste the configuration information into the \’Validity\’ section of the Note Search.

C. Select the customer\’s product version in the \’Validity\’ section of the Note Search.

D. Select the customer\’s software components in the \’Validity\’ section of the Note Search.

Correct Answer: BCD

Question 5:

What will happen if the system field sy-subrc is set to 0 after execution of an ABAP command?

A. The system will raise an ABAP message.

B. The system will raise an exception.

C. The system will create a shortdump and terminate the ABAP program.

D. The system will continue with the next statement in the ABAP program.

Correct Answer: D

Question 6:

Which of the following technology features support the performance of database access? (Choose two)

A. Buffering

B. Fixed Values

C. Foreign Keys

D. Primary Index

Correct Answer: AD

Question 7:

What does priority in incident management mean? (Choose two)

A. It is an attribute that characterizes the urgency of an issue.

B. It is an attribute of an issue.

C. It is an attribute of the customer\’s system.

D. It is an attribute of the Service Desk.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 8:

What is Product Support Hierarchy in SAP environment used for? (Choose two)

A. It is a view on the Application Component Hierarchy.

B. It is a powerful instrument in organization and reporting within Product Support.

C. It is part of the Service Level Agreement.

D. In SAP, a product hierarchy is used for pricing.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 9:

What does \’component\’ refer to in SAP software? (Choose two)

A. The component is an attribute that allows a classification from the application perspective.

B. Components are arranged in a hierarchy, the so-called Component Hierarchy or Application Component Hierarchy.

C. Components are part of a report.

D. Components are part of data dictionary.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 10:

Which of the following objects can be tested on their own without using the whole context of a program or transaction? (Choose two)

A. Forms

B. Function modules

C. Screens

D. Authorization object

Correct Answer: BC

Question 11:

What are the main steps when you accept a priority 1 message? (Choose two)

A. Call the customer within the Initial Reaction Time (IRT).

B. Document every activity in the message.

C. Call the customer if you leave for the weekend, indicating that you will proceed with processing the message on Monday.

D. Clarify the issue by phone to avoid additional effort in processing the message.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 12:

Which of the following are update types? (Choose two)

A. Local update

B. Global update

C. Synchronious update

D. Overtaker update

Correct Answer: AC

Question 13:

Which of the following features are supported by the SAP Note Assistant? (Choose two)

A. Creation of internal memos in customer messages

B. Checks if a given note can be implemented automatically

C. Implementation of any note that can be implemented automatically by an SAP Note

D. Automatic implementation of Java corrections

Correct Answer: BC

Question 14:

How do you search for matching notes and messages for a given message? (Choose two)

A. Use technical terms (not long texts, but error messages).

B. Search on notes with support packages/releases included.

C. Include customer specific descriptions in the search fields.

D. Search on notes with customer installation number.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 15:

What can you analyze with an SQL trace? (Choose two)

A. All SELECT statements in an ABAP program that lead to a database access.

B. All SELECT statements in an ABAP program that lead to a buffer access.

C. All READ statements in an ABAP program that access internal tables.

D. All statements in an ABAP program that update a database table.

Correct Answer: AD

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